Our Advantage

The growth of offshore wind requires development of transmission infrastructure to efficiently integrate these wind projects with the grid. Through Mid-Atlantic Offshore Development, Shell and EDF bring transmission expertise to the region and build upon their shared, proven partnership for success. We believe transmission has a cascading effect in helping New Jersey and the entire Offshore Wind Industry win in delivering the most cost competitive and timely-delivered offshore wind generation. Our portfolio of proposals can deliver 2.4GW—4.8GW of offshore wind from one advanced, mature power corridor to shore. We offer the most credible solutions for export cable routing, beach crossing and associated right of ways to onshore grid interconnection points.

Coordinated Transmission Solution

  • Minimized footprint for offshore and onshore
  • Reduced cumulative impacts from multiple, independent projects
  • Serves future expansion of offshore wind
  • Reduced navigational safety risk for commercial and recreational vessels

Environmentally Responsible Construction

  • Land Disturbance Reduction of 50-60% vs. radial lead lines
  • HVDC technology and reduced direct seabed and habitat disturbance by co-locating circuits and cables into fewer, carefully-sited corridors
  • Reduction in soil erosion and sedimentation near wetlands and waterbodies with one trench, compared to eight radial trenches
  • Onshore, underground system located in previously disturbed areas