Mid-Atlantic Offshore Development

Delivering Onshore Transmission Capability in Support of New Jersey's Renewable Energy Goals

Mid-Atlantic Offshore Development (MAOD) is constructing an onshore transmission facility in Howell Township, New Jersey, in response to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities’ (BPU) October 26, 2022, selection of MAOD’s and Jersey Central Power & Light Company’s (JCP&L) jointly-submitted Larrabee Tri-Collector Solution (LTCS) for the state’s inaugural offshore wind coordinated transmission effort, utilizing PJM’s State Agreement Approach. The LTCS is a planned electrical substation capable of collecting and integrating 4800MW of electricity onto the bulk electric grid.  Once operational, the substation will function as a single, onshore point-of-interconnection for electricity generated from offshore New Jersey wind energy areas.

Environmentally responsible construction and minimized footprint.
Reduced cumulative impacts from multiple, independent projects.
HVDC technology and co-located circuits and cables in carefully-sited corridors.