Mid-Atlantic Offshore Development

Positioned to deliver offshore wind energy to New Jersey

On October 26, 2022, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) selected Mid-Atlantic Offshore Development, LLC and Jersey Central Power & Light Company’s  jointly submitted Larrabee Tri-Collector Solution for New Jersey’s inaugural offshore wind coordinated transmission solution under PJM’s State Agreement Approach (SAA).

The selected project supports construction of onshore transmission facilities necessary to successfully deliver electricity from offshore wind to New Jersey customers. In its selection, the BPU noted the ability of the Larrabee Tri-Collector Solution to meet SAA goals of reducing community disruption, environmental impacts, and customer costs, while minimizing risks. The Larrabee Tri-Collector Solution offers a single onshore interconnection point while leveraging existing right of ways.

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The growth of offshore wind requires development of transmission infrastructure to efficiently integrate the wind projects with the grid.
Transmission infrastructure supports economic development by creating jobs and opportunities for New Jersey’s skilled workforce.
Shell and EDF bring transmission expertise to the region and have a proven partnership for success.